Dennis John Chirayath

Dennis John Chirayath

About Me

I always think about the relevance of an ‘About’ page. Is it about what others want to know about you?  Or is it about what you want others to know about you?  Well, I am going to use this space to try and give you fleeting glimpses of what I am up to.  

Right!! Born in Thrissur, a ‘not so small’ city in the state of Kerala, India, Dennis John Chirayath finished studies from 4 schools, a college, then University through 3 states, 5 districts and 2 countries. Went in a toddler and the system spat out an engineer, a Control Systems Engineer at that!! While at least three quarters of my education was just following what every other youngster my age was doing, the last bit , aka the ‘Masters’ !!, was probably from my own interest.

Information bombard coming up, so moving on to bullets to keep it short:

  • I love music. All kinds, listening, watching, everything.
  • I am fascinated by the whole process of music creation, recording, mixing, mastering etc. I have a small set up at home (blog coming soon) and try doing some experiments of my own.
  • I love food. Used to love eating, but that weaned off due to health concerns. Now I just like food and am learning to appreciate quality then quantity.
  • Taking photos. I am not a good photographer by any means. I take pics to document and remember events, trips or just the view from my window and it gets me really excited when some of them turn out good and ‘share worthy’ !!
  • Loving watching movies. Though I do notice certain technical details, I would prefer to watch a movie with a great overall experience rather than a technically perfect movie with no emotional appeal.
  • I read too. I little out of that habit nowadays due to time constraints, but still love a good immersive read.
  • Self-Proclaimed Geek!! Like to keep on top of new gadgets and tech that keeps popping up all the time, I do have a blind instinct to go out and buy, but thankfully some of them tend to be more than my wallet would allow.
  • I hate redundancy. In my perfect world, no 2 items would serve a same purpose. I like my belongings to be unique, in their utility and purpose, not too bothered about looks.
  • Budding gamer, prefer shooters to sport based games, first person to third person.

So have a look around here and find my blog, music, pics, crude reviews and don’t be lazy about commenting.  Get connected via social or shoot me an email right here !!